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Except when he has just walked out of the shower, coz wet beard is a squelchy, soggy sponge! If you fail to comment on and admire his new shave, expect a “we need to talk” moment! And he is not going to clean it right away coz he needs to display his brand new (read: exactly the same) shave to you, immediately! At the end of the day, you love it because it is still better than a lip foliage!

Who will tell these men that a stubble rubbed against our soft skins is in NO WAY SEXY!!! So what you got a pixie last week, colored it a space-inspired theme, and he didn’t notice? Image source: Tumblr Those miniature, black whiskers on the sink remind you of an ant invasion! Admit it: A man with beard goes down a lot better than a man without it!

He would almost make you feel like a high school teen with his rough look, y’know!

What better way to celebrate the momentous #No Shave November than to honor all the guys out there for whom “not shaving” is a way of life? It’s about the dudes who have committed their time (and their mugs) to being bearded.

While smooth-faced chaps and bald boyfriends are wonderful in their own right, this month isn’t about them.

😉 If he took the time to grow a beard, he clearly has no problem waiting for things to unfold.

He isn’t hasty or rash; he is cool and calculating and doesn’t rush into anything.

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