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A few weeks ago, a young couple walked into New York City’s popular Big Gay Ice Cream shop and ordered a shake.

citizens (regardless of where they live) and male immigrants residing in the United States (permanent resident aliens), age 18-25, register with the Selective Service.

Registration is ongoing throughout the year and students may register for classes anytime before the class begins providing seats are available. Every effort will be made by telephone to promptly notify all registered students of any course cancellation.

To avoid cancellations, students are encouraged to register at least one week prior to the beginning of class.

What’s more, of tippable transactions (not all transactions are set to receive tips), nearly half of them resulted in gratuities, an increase from 37% during this same period last year.

At this rate, Square is on track to facilitate roughly a quarter billion dollars in annual tips–an outcome of Square Register’s customer-centric design, says designer Jerry Knight.

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While a 20% tip may not sound otherworldly, the crucial difference here is that Square is facilitating tips at non-traditional venues–ice cream parlors, coffee shops, bakeries–places where tipping 20% (or tipping anything, for that matter) is not terribly common, like it is, say, at a sit-down restaurant.

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