Ipad apps hang when updating

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If your app is still going all wonky, continue to the next step until it begins working.Solution One: The Soft Restart It sounds like a cliche, but just a simple restart can really solve some of your i Phone/i Pad/i Pod touch app issues. Hold down the Lock button To restart your i Device hold down the Lock Button at the top of the device until you see the red arrow with the "slide to power off" prompt. To turn your i Device back on, just hold down the same Lock Button at the top until you see the fancy Apple logo. Solution Two: The Hard Restart If the regular soft restart didn't work, it's time to get hardcore with the hard restart. Plug your i Device into i Tunes and make sure the app is checked to be installed on your i Phone/i Pad/i Pod touch. After the sync has finished, unplug your i Phone and soft restart it using Solution One.Tap on Applications then tap on Manage applications. In case all your apps aren’t showing, tap your menu icon and select Filter to bring up your filter options. Once all your apps are showing, scroll down to Market and tap on it. Otherwise, you can also try going to Download Manager and tapping Clear data then Force close.Every and Everyi are provided "as is" without warranty of any kind whatsoever.The Running section, by the way, is a good way to close out active apps you aren't aware of that continue to run in background.For this tutorial, however, just go to All and scroll down to the Google Play Store app, then tap on it. Usually tapping on Clear cache and Force stop should do the trick. For older phones using, say, Android 2.1 with Android Market, bring up your settings by tapping the Settings app or doing whatever it is you do to access the settings menu on your Android phone. This should hopefully fix your frozen download issue.Without A Computer Using this process, you’ll remove the waiting to install status and revert to the older version of the app. The best method to resolve this issue is to connect your i Phone or i Pad to i Tunes on your Mac or PC.

Here are a few solutions on how to fix i Pad or i Phone apps that are stuck installing. Using i Tunes To Update Your Apps While we’ve been able to fix the issue with apps that are stuck loading, the solution above doesn’t update the apps.

It can be more frustrating when that app dipped into your wallet before introducing you to the world of app irritation.

To help you use your app(s) without throwing your fancy Apple device across the room, follow the steps below.

Not only is that progress bar stuck for eternity, you also lose access to the app, while it’s waiting to be updated.

There are assorted reasons for why this might happen, but more often than not, it’s due to storage issues.

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