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Last year a Nigerian telecom company declared #World Jollof Rice Day on August 22, ramping up the digital roasting between Nigerians and Ghanaians in particular.And in the last few months, a series of tweets from Keri Hilson — who is dating Congolese NBA player Serge Ibaka — and a dis track called “Ghana Jollof” have added more fuel to the fire.Many followed his lead, alongside the hashtag, which was inspired by the infamous line from the film.

In order to fire up our Ghanaian family and her Nigerian husband’s guests I got on the mic and asked whose jollof was better.It’s hard to pinpoint just when Ghanaians, Nigerians, Senegalese people, and other West Africans, started to bicker over the dish in real life, but on Twitter and Instagram #Jollof Wars took root — after an anomalistic blip in 2011 — in the summer of 2014 when user @keldel tweeted: I am low key starting a Cold War here by eating my mum's and gf's 'jollofs' side by side.Then things really got intense when British celebrity chef Jamie Oliver bungled the dish a few months later.#Black Lives Matter ​ As a wave of protests spread across the Middle East in 2011, the hashtag featured in hundreds of thousands of tweets.As a result it is widely viewed as one of the first major historical events which was facilitated in part by social media.

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If you thought that terrible date you went on was just a horrible story you're going to one day share with your grandchildren when they prepare to enter the dating world, THINK AGAIN.