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Who is g dragon dating

There are other girls that he is being rumored to: Ahn Sohee(wondergirls), Kiko mizuhara, etc.A group of recent pictures is currently circulating the internet, grabbing a lot of attention for supposedly capturing Big Bang's G-Dragon and Japanese model Mizuhara Kiko on a date!Recently, the 2 stars were spotted walking through a massive crowd of fans toward their company shortly after BIGBANG’s “0.In the videos, which were uploaded by fans, G-Dragon can be seen putting his hand around Dara’s head, seemingly planting a kiss on her face, sparking dating rumours.Mizuhara already clarified to her interview that she and GD are just close friends and nothing more.Bernabe Cobo found the sap was being used by indigenous tribes throughout Peru and Ecuador.

The group BIGBANG released the song ’’Lies/Geojitmal’’ in 2008 and that was the beginning of a new era.Last November 11, News-Post Seven reported that amid the dating rumors between GD and Mizuhara, the female model is dating fellow model, Shuhei.Taspine, a component of dragon's blood, has been documented to have anti-inflammatory and wound-healing actions.lechleri resin and bark are used in traditional medicine in South America.Some were pictures showing the two on a vacation overseas around Christmas time, others were pictures of the two shopping and G-Dragon eating with Kiko's mother.

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