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But Tenley, a 25-year-old college admissions administrator, isn't bitter herself.The Bachelor finalist Tenley Molzahn couldn't hold back the tears when Jake Pavelka dumped her for Vienna Girardi on Monday night's powerful season finale. It all comes down to tonight for The Bachelor star Jake Pavelka.Still, she seemed to have a positive opinion of her rumored fling, even raving about him on her blog ahead of his premiere.He hasn't even officially been named the new Bachelor, but Ben Higgins is already pulling a Kaitlyn and making friends with old contestants. News that Ben, or "Ben H," as we have come to know him, has been hanging out with former and now she's getting close to some of Kaitlyn's hottest rejects. JJ also posted the same pic on his own account, with a slightly different caption "Enjoyed providing security for the "Bens" and Tenley last night.Personality-wise, Tenley Molzahn and Vienna Girardi could not be more different. When the sunny reality TV star touched down in Toronto for Eligible magazine’s TIFF Bachelor Party, we couldn’t wait to find out what prompted her to hit the beach with her fellow former contestants.Watch some of your favorite guys & mine on the Men Tell All tonight.

I remember dressing up in the hotel and wishing we could see the city.Most of those millions were pulling for Tenley Molzahn.In the hours that followed Jake's decision, fans flocked to the Internet, outraged.We still don’t understand what anyone could possibly see in JJ Lane – but Tenley insists that he is a great “friend.” Tenley took to Facebook and confirmed that she has been spending time with JJ, but she didn’t really clarify if they are just friends, or romantically involved. Tenley shared a photo of herself posing with JJ and captioned it, “My dear friend Mr. You have taught me to give every person the opportunity to be themselves, & to truly get to know someone before writing them off.

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Hopefully that will be soon, and hopefully, Tenley learned a little something from Nick Viall and will think about actually getting out of that limo when the time comes.